Payment by Invoice

If you choose to pay by invoice, payment for your order will be due within 14 days of receiving shipping confirmation.

We’ll let you know as soon as your order has left the building, and we’ll also send a friendly reminder when the payment due date is around the corner.

You only need to pay for the items that you keep. If you return items, the amount will be refunded after we’ve processed the return.

Not sure how much your open amounts are?

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You can find an overview of all your open amounts in your customer account.

Have you received a payment reminder…

… and you’ve paid or made a return? Find all answers about payment reminders here.

… and you haven’t paid yet? Please use our below bank details for the payment.

Our bank details for SEPA transfers:

Payee: darcyevans Payments GmbH
IBAN: DE86210700200123010101
Reference: Please note down your order number (10103xxxxxxx) here.

You consent to the assignment of the seller’s claims for payment of the purchase price to third parties, in particular to darcyevans Payments GmbH.

Please note: If you receive several orders in one parcel, you will only find one payment slip for all items in the parcel. Keep in mind that the items belong to different orders and that all orders should be paid separately. You can find an overview of your ordered items in your account.

Important to know:

  • Pay the items you keep within 14 days after your order has been shipped.
  • Pay each order separately using the order number as payment reference.
  • If you return items, we will reduce the open amount after processing your return. If you already paid for the order, the refund will be credited back to your bank account.

Have you used the wrong order number as payment reference by mistake?

In case you have not entered the correct order number as a payment reference, please allow up to 5 working days for us to process the payment. We will do our best to still allocate your payment to the correct order, or to refund the amount back to you.

If after 5 working days you haven’t received a refund or a payment confirmation, please reach out to us for further assistance.


Why is my preferred payment method not available?

What happens after a return or order cancellation?